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As many as 4 million people in the United States experience the symptoms of fibromyalgia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fibromyalgia is known for causing widespread pain and tenderness throughout your body. Medford, New York’s leading fibromyalgia expert, Mehran Golpariani, MD, can help you achieve lasting, effective relief. Learn more about modern fibromyalgia treatments by scheduling an evaluation at Pain Management of Long Island. You can schedule your visit online or by calling the clinic.

Fibromyalgia Q & A

What causes fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia isn’t clearly understood, but medical experts do know it’s a disorder characterized by musculoskeletal pain. Men and women suffering from fibromyalgia experience amplified nerve sensations from everyday activities and experiences that cause pain throughout their bones, joints, and muscles.

Women are more likely to have fibromyalgia, but men can develop this condition, too. You might have a higher risk of fibromyalgia if a member of your family has it or you’ve experienced physical or emotional trauma. Developing this condition is also associated with having a severe infection or going through menopause.

In some cases, the exact cause of your fibromyalgia is unknown, although you have a variety of options available for relief.

How can I tell if I have fibromyalgia?

You may suspect you have fibromyalgia because of widespread, chronic pain. Dr. Golpariani may diagnose you with fibromyalgia if you also experience the following symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue or stiffness
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep

Those that have fibromyalgia are also likely to have irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, or temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).

Dr. Golpariani can confirm a fibromyalgia diagnosis based on your medical history and current symptoms.

While no blood test for fibromyalgia exists, he may order these tests to evaluate your complete blood count, inflammatory biomarkers, or thyroid function. These tests help determine if you have a concurrent condition that’s making your symptoms worse.

How is fibromyalgia treated?

Since no cure exists for fibromyalgia, men and women relieve their pain by trying several types of treatments and making lifestyle changes. Part of your treatment plan could include:

  • Antiseizure medications
  • Antidepressant pills
  • Physical therapy or exercise
  • Meditation and stress reduction

The friendly team at Pain Management of Long Island even offers acupuncture to reduce fibromyalgia pain.

This safe and effective treatment involves placing very fine needles into strategic points throughout your body. After leaving them in place and applying electrical or heat stimulation for 20-30 minutes, you should feel some degree of pain relief right away.

If you struggle with chronic fibromyalgia pain, schedule your evaluation at Pain Management of Long Island either through the online scheduler or by calling the clinic.


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