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Pain Management of Long Island

Pain Management & Anesthesiology located in Medford, NY

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States and affects more than 54 million adults, the Arthritis Foundation reports. Board-certified pain specialist Mehran Golpariani, MD, of Pain Management of Long Island, offers the latest in arthritis treatments. Get started on your pain-relief plan by scheduling an arthritis evaluation at this Medford, New York, clinic either online or over the phone.

 Q & A

What causes arthritis?

Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition, affecting one or more joints throughout your body. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis stems from overuse or wear-and-tear on joint cartilage. As this protective cartilage wears down, your bones start grinding against each other, causing pain and restricting movement.

Rheumatoid arthritis means that your immune system is attacking the lining of your joints, causing the protective joint membranes to become inflamed and swollen. Over time, cartilage and bone can start breaking down, making you feel stiff and sore.

You may be at risk of developing these or other types of arthritis because of:

  • Family history
  • Obesity
  • Older age
  • Prior injuries

Gender also plays a role. Women, for example, are far more likely to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Men more commonly struggle with gout, a type of arthritis that leads to crystal formation in joints.

How is arthritis diagnosed?

Diagnosing arthritis starts with a thorough exam and evaluation of your symptoms and family history. If you have localized pain, such as lower back pain, Dr. Golpariani might order X-rays or ultrasound imaging to pinpoint the source. In some cases, he could request a CT scan or MRI if other images aren’t clear.

He typically orders some lab work as well, to check for inflammatory markers in your blood. After gathering all your medical information, Dr. Golpariani gets you started on a pain-relieving treatment plan right away.

Can arthritis be treated?

While there's no cure, you can treat arthritis. Pain Management of Long Island offers the latest in treatments for back, knee, shoulder, or other types of arthritis.

One of the most popular types of treatment for back pain is radiofrequency ablation, also known as rhizotomy. This minimally invasive surgical procedure involves inserting an electrified hot probe at the affected sensory nerve along your spine. This prevents pain signals from reaching your brain and provides long-term relief.

You can experience relief from arthritic joint pain relief with ultrasound-guided gel injections. During these treatments, Dr. Golpariani injects the gel directly where it’s needed to lubricate joints instantly. This type of treatment is ideal if your bones are stiffening and rubbing against each other.

Discover the arthritis treatments best for you by scheduling an evaluation at Pain Management of Long Island. Make your appointment either online or over the phone.


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