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Dependable Relief Now Available Chronic Migraines Suffers


Dependable Relief Now Available Chronic Migraines Suffers 

By Dr. Mehran Golpriani

From "Lifestyle Fifty Plus Magazine"

Migraines are a common neurological issues that affects more than 39 million men, women and children in the United States. Migraines cause severe throbbing or pulsing pain. The pain can be intense, that you also become nauseated, start vomiting, or become overly sensitive to light and sound. In extreme cases, migraine attacks last for several days.

Migraines aren’t well understood, but medical experts have identified certain common triggers for migraine attacks. Common factors can include: Genetics, Food additives, Hormonal fluctuations, Emotional stress and Sudden Weather Changes. Unlike tension and cluster headaches which are considered acute headaches and respond to medication after onset of a headache, migraines are different and must be treated differently. Once a Chronic Migraine comes on it is already too late for medication used for acute types of headaches. Preventive Medicine is the only solution.

In our practice we have found injections of Botox, a purified form of protein and the first FDA - approved preventive chronic migraine control can offer migraine free living right away for up to 12 weeks at a time even for patient that have 20 or m uncontrollable migraines a month!

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